Powerful & User-friendly

Reach more people, create a bigger impact.

You’re too busy to wrestle with poorly-designed, overly complicated email software. Reach Mail software is elegantly simple and easy to use, with all the sophisticated features you expect and deserve. Make email marketing easy.


Efficient, effective & easy


Emails Sent By Our Clients Every Day

Our sender reputation is second-to-none, which means more of your emails reach their target, without getting stopped by spam filters.


Happy Reach Mail Clients

With clients across industries including health and wellbeing, manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, lifestyle and fashion, we’re well-versed in communications and marketing.


External app integrations

Our tool integrates easily with popular business apps including WordPress, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Zapier, Facebook and Magento.


Website integrations

Grow your email list automatically by integrating Reach Mail on your website, in site pop-ups and through self-service iPads at your shop front or at expos.


Our Values


The best email marketing isn’t the one with the biggest discount or the most sophisticated design. It’s the one that’s most creative.


Email marketing works because it’s built on a bedrock of trust. Trust develops over time, through consistency, follow-through and likeability.


Your email marketing software tool must be reliable if it’s to work. All our emails are tested throughly across all major email platforms and all designs are mobile responsive.

Look after your own email marketing

This easy-to-use email marketing tool means you can login, create, test and disseminate in minutes. It’s both intuitive and logical, with all the functionality and features you need, and none of the crowded, annoying distractions you don’t. Login and get crafting.

Keep your design intact

Take the fuss and bother out of emails. Your email newsletter design has editable parts and non-editable parts, which means the look is maintained, no matter how sophisticated the design or how many mistakes you make. Full control of the parts you need to change and no access to those you don’t. Sorted.

Give your emails a fighting chance!

Pressing ‘send’ is just the beginning. Our sender reputation is second-to-none. We use fully redundant servers, enterprise class delivery engines and ISP feedback loop integration so that if a subscriber marks you as spam, they are automatically removed from your list. Give your emails the best possible chance of reaching the inbox.

Easy to share

Help your clients spread your emails far and wide with Facebook ‘like’, Twitter ‘tweet’ and ‘share with friend’ options in your email. Let your clients promote you by making it easy to share.

Automate your work

Easily add your online forms to your website so that each new subscriber is added to your list, automatically. Forget endless copying and pasting. Unsubscribes and bounced emails removed without the need for a human to be involved. Better yet, schedule your email to send, then go to the beach.

Refine your communications

Add custom fields (such as ‘new client’) so you can segment your list any way you like. Make your communications are effective as possible with targeted messages to select groups of people. Quick and easy.

Changed emails? No worries.

Let your clients manage their own changes with the ‘Update details’ form. Add it to the end of every email you send. Offer an incentive for people to submit further detail. No more unsubscribes because an email address is inconvenient and no more mindless data entry. Sweet.

Test for the best and leave the rest

A/B split testing takes the guess-work out of what makes emails sing – or flop. Write two different subject lines or design completely different emails. Decide on how to choose the winner, send two variants to a sample of your list, and automatically send the winning version to everyone else.

Every click recorded

Access statistics immediately after sending for deep analysis of what’s working and what’s not. Discover who didn’t receive your email and why. Learn what links were popular and who clicked, when and in what program. Because statistics are fun!

‘Cause life’s too short for data entry

One-step, easy import of your email lists, no matter what format they’re in.

Never forget a date

Autoresponders and drip campaigns make it easy to communicate – no excuses! Schedule a series of welcome messages, birthday greetings and date-based campaigns and make it personal, using first name custom fields to automatically add your client’s name. Automate and never forget a date.